2 Hippies Home Services Nashville TNHappy Hippy Family

Our “dy- no-mite” service will provide you with a “peace of mind” for all of your home needs. From your “trippy” breaker box to that “old school” HVAC unit, and even that “gnarly” water heater. We will have you feelin’ all the “good vibes” after we finish. “Here’s the skinny” on everything you get for only $6.99 per unit, per month. We’ll bet you will be saying “Far Out”!!!

For ”grooving“ with us you’ll never pay for us to show up. We’ll say “peace out” to the dispatch fee for our technicians to come and take a look at your home.

You won’t be left thinkin’ “what’s the buzz” after we “zap” through your home and perform our “tubular” electrical inspection. There’s no switch we leave unturned.

You won’t be “chasing waterfalls” when we give your water heater our “funky” flush, + your pipes will be “going with the flow” after receiving our “radical” plumbing inspection.

We agree, you’re too cool for school but let’s keep you ‘hot in here’ . We will “regroovinate” your unit when we provide you with our “blazin” heat tune-up.

Instead of ‘burning down the house’ , we’ll leave you ‘doing the boogie’ after we complete our “super-chill” cooling service.

You’ll know “what’s shakin” in your home after we’ve finished our “stellar” home inspection. We ensure that everything from your foundation to your insulation is “gravy baby” .

We will keep you “groovin” by “swingin” our techs to you first. This way you can keep the “good times rollin” .

We know you’re ready “to bust a move” but to sweeten the pot, we give you 10% off any work needed.You won’t be “trippin” about our prices.

Can you dig it?

The Happy Hippie Family Is our maintenance agreement. This includes 1 Yearly Electrical Inspection, 1 Yearly Plumbing Inspection, 1 Yearly Cooling System Tune-up, 1 Yearly Heating System Tune-up, 1 Bi-Yearly Home Inspection, No dispatch fees, Priority Service, and a Discount on all work.

We waive all dispatch fees year around.

Our Tubular Electrical Inspection is an exam of all exposed panels, switches, plugs, and electrical connections to help protect home from any unwanted shorts, high voltage areas, and potential home hazards with electrical related issues.

Our Radical Plumbing Inspection is an exam of all exposed water pipes, sewer pipes, and plumbing fixtures as well as a manufacturer recommended water heater sediment flush and safety inspection In an attempt to protect home from unseen damages.

Our Blazin’ Heat Tune-up is an exam of home’s heat related mechanical parts, coils, heat exchangers, thermostat, and ductwork as well as manufacturer recommended outdoor coil cleaning to help prepare you for the cold seasons.

Our Super-chill Cooling Service is an exam of home’s cooling related mechanical parts, coils, thermostats, and duct work as well as manufacturer recommended outdoor coil cleaning to help prepare you for the hot seasons.

Our Stellar Home Inspection is an exam of home’s crawl, floors, siding, roofing, and insulation to help make sure home is running in the best shape possible.

With our priority schedule we will move you to the first available spot that is not filled by another club member.

As a family member you will save at least 10% on all work performed.

Join the Happy Hippy Family for only $6.99 a month!

2 Hippies Home Service performs maintenance services in an attempt to help customer’s plumbing, electricity, and HVAC last longer and more efficiently. 2 Hippies stands behind any services done on a job site. Regarding any service we have provided you, we offer 100% satisfaction, or we will come back out to ensure it is up to your standards.